Age Of Sigmar contact list

Here is the contact information for members of our league. If you are looking for a game, give someone a call!
Kraig Beaver: (858) 717-4599 Rocks Ogors.
Simon Cruel: (619) 723-6674 Summons the Stormcast Eternals
Wade Durant: (619) 279-3489 Master of Chaos Monsters
Nick Eisenhart: (858) 945-7276 Cleans up with Plague Daemons
Greg Haben: (858) 341-1562 A good friend of Nurgle
Tristan Kent: (858) 549-4263/(858) 240-7794 Rides the lightning with Storncast Eternals
Ron Kent: (858) 549-4263/(858) 240-7794 Gathers Skulls for Khorne's Throne
Ross Mccune: (619) 278-1453 At the helm with Forces of Destruction
Hadrian Rezai: (858) 549-4263 Daemons of change you can believe in!
Rob Shafer: (619) 843-3993 Prone to Destruction.
Donovan Stauder: (619) 415-6584 A very chaotic champion.
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